As a whisper of your perfumed indulgence
Wafts across my lifepath
I wonder at life’s meanderings
And the luminescent wake of love’s irresponsible brashness
That lingers as a liquid contrail of intertwined souls
Crisscrossing the oceans of human existence.

Reminiscences of wretchedly wrecked romances
counter the current of my existence
in concenricities of casual aloofness
as I, from afar,
Gaze out upon that miserable sea in disgust
and watch as the coiled serpents of despair
devour the foundation of my being.

Excesses of cowardly nonchalance endure,
As mindmemories wend through winless wastes
of ill-thought wisdom,
Parading their petulant pornography of life’s errors
past prenascent innocence.

As a whisper, your fragrant presence passes
through the channel of my malignancy, untouched,
Outward bound on its tenuous journey through
the mire of mindless meanderings.

Copyright © 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.