That vessel we call a body
Trembles with life’s youthful lust
Emotions ripping recklessly through that
Fragile ethernet of innocence
Caroming against taboo’d walls of social acceptance
Yet enmeshed in its own lovely aura of serenity

An omniscient orb of emotion
Throbbing with a lifeforce uniquely its own
Complacent in its knowledge that it alone
Is life’s driving force.
That tranquil orb, the essence of being, resides within us
Gleefully waiting to be aroused
To join with another of it’s kind
In harmonious fulfillment of life’s purpose.

Why? The innocent might ask, not from ignorance
But rather from that floodtide of life
Flowing through the torn ethernet.
The answer lies enveloped within
Love’s foliage
Awaiting discovery,
To blossom
In a shower of radiant happiness.

Copyright © 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.