Irresistable in her innocence
Brown entrancing entries to her inner essence
Fluttering with each involuntary shiver
Shuttering her fragile innocence
But for the moment.

Violation of that perishable innocence denied
Salty dampness flowing freely
Joy in her innocence
Plaintful pleasure
Sad serenity
To a silken threnody.
Meditative metamorphosis mixing,
Molding a woman
One day to soar upon life’s grand currents
Protected no more by that intangible
Virtue’s bonds unshackled,
Never to be bound again.

Irresistable in her innocence
Tiny brown orbs, entried to her inner
As yet unformed
Innocence hungrily yearning to experience life,
Innocence, to one day be molded by you,
In your image.

As you gaze upon what once you were
Recall innocence.

Copyright © 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.