Yes, Her Eyes

Her eyes, yes, her eyes
As twilight shades beckoning serenity
And mystery
The complexity of her being, open for all to see
Her eyes, sparkling bastions of mischievous merriment
Yet softly caressing nature's souls
She gazes skyward and a thought floats heavenward
A caring soul touches the ether and joins with the other gentle souls
In a melting melding vapor of exhaustion
She sighs, the weight of caring, care-taking, heavy in her heart
She joyously carries on, her smile blessing those around her
Her loveliness infusing the atmosphere with the perfumed romance of her song
Innocuously she brushes her hair back from her laughing eyes
Tossing her head self-assuredly
Her strength showing
In her eyes
Her lovely eyes.

Copyright 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.