The Lovers Web

Her lips touch mine only as a hopeful memory
Unrealized moments long forgotten
A hint of sensual awareness playing in the neural net.

Tides of reckless recollection gambol about
As I, in my folly, remain as but an archetype on the wheel of love
A lover caught in the paradigm of romance
Spinning upon the carousel of life.

She comes to me daily, a wraith in my thoughts
Her beauty amplified by the Goddess,
Her song, a melody of her mystery.
O Daughter of Gaia, encircle me with your femininity
Even as you enchant me with your vibrancy.

She arrived in my world with a question
Inquisitive and curious
A fragrant blossom taking root in the parklands of my being
Greeting my consciousness with her goodness.

Truly a daughter of angelic origin,
She inhabits that region within
Where the spark that is love gets ignited
And once lit remains
As a beacon, a reminder, a guide
An illumination of the capability of the spirit.

I sense her certitude as she questions what is
Her competence matched by her beauty.
Partake of the reservoir of the Goddess within
Know that you are loved even as you embody love.
For you are a gift
Presented to those in your sphere as a reminder
Of the sanctity of a woman.

A memory of hope traverses my anima
And passes through me with a sigh
For I remember.

Copyright 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.