Canyon of the Goddess

She courses through the canyons of my desire
A raging twisting torrent of temptation
Aching to leap the chiseled banks of propriety
Filling the chasm of sanity with the vastness of her beauty.
She wanders through my everyday
Pausing occasionally to gaze wide-eyed at the world
A wisp of hair falling upon her brow
Enchanting me with her electricity
And I dream
She strides upon the sands of the shore
Each grain touched by the grace of her gait.
As the sea beckons with its ceaseless cry,
Wavelets kissing her toes
A smile forms upon her countenance
As the realization of her femininity emerges.
For she is a woman
A little girl, a daughter child of light
A woman
Blessing the world around her with her beauty
As she defines love.
She knows not as yet the power she wields
Yet she is all powerful
In her every aspect.
She wanders through my thoughts and dreams
And I am humbled by her elegance
My words lose all meaning in her presence
As she epitomizes my heaven
And circumscribes my paradise.
She realizes not her beauty
Nor her effect
As she thunders through the ravaged ravines of my heart.
Worshipped she should be
For she is deserving of all that life offers
Yet she asks for nothing
She is a woman loved
A woman honored
She defines the goddess
And the goddess is she.
And I dream.
Her reflection colors my being,
Her sweet sweet song echoes through the canyons of my existence,
As her hair bounces joyously with her laughter
She personifies the perfection of a woman
Existing on the plane of love
She tenderly surveys her surroundings with devotion
Lightheartedly tossing her head
With that carefree smile that only she possesses
She possesses me.
And I dream
That I will dwell
In the canyon of the Goddess.

Copyright 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.