She Wears Her Elegance

She wears her elegance nonchalantly
Her strength evident in her stature
She courses through the stream of my consciousness
Floating on the eddies that traverse my memory
I taste the piquancy of her aspects
And listen to the song that emanates from her being.
Rainbows refract through her crystalline beauty
As a melody of springtime freshness cascades around her
A goddess of woodland grace robed in diaphanous raiment
She rules the world of the heart
Her love, her spirit, her soul
Rise above the din and proclaim her elegance

She dances through the threads of my being
With an insouciant smile
Gliding effortlessly through the travails of life
Where once she trudged laboriously
The goddess that she has become consecrates the meaning of love
As she embraces her womanhood.
She wears her elegance nonchalantly and I bow before her
In honor of her spirit
In reverence of her wonder
In admiration of her essence
And in devotion to all that she embodies.

Copyright 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.