Of You, For You


I share my every thought with you
Although you know it not
You guide my dreams, a constant reminder of life’s extreme beauty
You eclipse my soul with your majesty
I look to you for your wisdom
You are my lighthouse
Guiding me safely towards your loving embrace
Your song beckons me across our many ages and lives
And though I have stumbled along the way
Still I have been guided to you
Your tranquil serenity is as the mountain lake
Still and quiet
My world is hushed
A solitary ripple wakes
Created by the breeze
The heated air, shimmering, rising
Paints a portrait of your tender gentleness
A mirage becalms my harried senses
You stand before me
A woman of grandeur
Your sensuality stirring the winds within
And yet you remain an innocent
Your apparition imprinted indelibly upon my soul
A love sparked from the depths
My perceptions meld with yours
As with a sigh I melt
Mixing with your liquid vitality
Succumbing to the goddess that you are.

I share with you my every thought
But yearn to share much more
To touch upon our secret fears and hopes
To learn, to teach
To reach that part of oneness
When our spirits soar
Souls joined
In search of natural harmony.

You guide my dreams and rhythms
My spirit walks much humbled
Before your beauty.

I gaze at the clouds and watch in awe
As they transform into your face
Your eyes gazing back at mine
With your smile so incomparably beautiful.
I watch with bemused wonder as you pile your cascading tresses
Upon your head
Revealing even more of your beauty.

Evening falls and yet I sit
Thanking the Goddess that I share your world.

The world around me is still
And I feel your presence beside me
I embrace your compassion
and watch the whisper of your lips
As the moon kisses the horizon.

My purpose is for you, daughter of Gaia
For you and of you
And the simple sensuality with which you nurture
The Spirit-starved.

My devotion is to you,
Your inner Goddess beauty
And your outer total beauty.

Truly you are a wonder of creation

Copyright © 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.