In the Presence of a Goddess


I rode the curl of love’s wave last night
Held gently in the warmth of her spirit
I felt an otherworldly presence and knew
It was you
I was carried in love’s arms and saw the world anew
As I held your hands under the ebon sky
The stars sang their melody
And you became a shimmering vision of beauty
I listened to the melody and heard your voice
And watched transfixed as your goddess energy
Spread lightly o’er the mountaintop
Infusing everything it touched with the beauty of your soul

Your very being is a gift to this lifetime
A treasure I hold most dear
You dwell in my heart, O goddess
As loved as life itself
You are as a flower in the garden of my life
Your fragrance is a reminder
Of the wonders and mysteries of life
And of the purity and simplicity that your love showers upon the earth.

Copyright © 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.