Eyes of my Memory

Lovesprites soaring playfully
Through twin azure windows
Teasing inquisitive liquid jewels
Joyously exploring life
Touching my soul with their innocence

Eyes, beautiful eyes
Cerulean gateways to your inner being
And all that is you.
Taking in life's wonders
Reflecting your loveliness.

Eyes, radiant eyes
Projecting thst ecstasy
That tingle
That wonderousness
That special warmth
That feeling that is known as love.

Lovesprites, spiraling ever upward on wafts of
Life's ecstatic emotions
To reach a frenzied height
Only to float downward
Ever so gently
And, reaching that nadir,
To pluck from within me
All that is me
Given freely and fully.

Eyes, beckoning eyes
Enticing me with their sincerity
Dissolving me with their beauty
Blessing me with their love.

Eyes, your haunting eyes.
With the serenity of your soul.

Copyright 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.