Echoes of Summer

Slowly strolling on sun kissed shores
Hand in hand, a smile
Silken hair billowing on the sweetly saline breeze
Your long legged stride
Carrying your elegance
Delicate footsteps in the sand
Rolling wavelets reach out
Exploding upon the shore as they wash your feet
In creamy indulgence.
Silhouetted against the heavens
Your countenance is inscribed in the annals of beauty
Unsurpassed in lifetimes of femininity
Grains of glistening sand turn deaf ears to the oceanís constant banter
Impervious to the imperfections of lifeís eternal erosion
Just as you remain a tribute to magnificence.
You stand perfect, a portrait of a woman,
a portrait of love in a frenzied universe
Seasons of summers showering the shore
With your glory and radiance
And the melodic harmony of your graciousness
Echoing always ever
Within the winds of my seadreams.

Copyright © 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.