Wish Dance

I held you in my arms all night
But you were only a passionate memory pressed against my chest
An echo of yesterday with but a hint of tomorrow
A ripple upon my love-limned heart

We danced last night, you and I
in the moonlight, remember, or was it me alone
Rhythmically swaying to an unheard melody while partnered with a mirage.

We made love last night, unforgettable passion tinged with pathos
Or did we?
Did I in my reverie make an astral journey of the heart
And arrive in your soul?

I held a Goddess close to me
and hold her even still
And caress her resounding beauty as she resonates within me

I hold you in my heart, an icon of beauty and grace
For you are no echo, no mirage
You are the substance of reality and the truth of love's mystery
The rapture and the ecstasy
The Goddess of my heart.

Copyright 1998 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.