The Name of My Sorrow

She, in all of her redundant glory graciously allows me
my sorrow
Unnamed hurts hurdling the barriers
To crash against my senses
Senselessly hurtling through the ether
Alighting as a mote upon my soul.

I dwell not upon ideas long lost
Nor dreams denied the light
Nuances of neon tinged thoughts
Play amongst the timbre of other-worldly echoes
shrouding my subjectivity
in a beclouded cloak of desire.

She remains a barbican of spontaneity
Within the purloined musings of my motivation
Fleetingly flaunting her exhibition
As befits her stature

Time's tuneless tirade continues unwinding
Yielding not a care for banality
In its forward march

With every nave plunge into the urn of my existence
The name of my sorrow is hammered deep into my senses
Unconsciously tattooing her rhythm into my synchronicity
For the name of my sorrow
Is love.

Copyright 1999 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.