She Knows

She soars on invisible gossamer wings
Daring to fly free
Her face exultant in the knowledge of her existence
Triumph blanketing her essence
As she conquers the ebon gloom of banality
She sings her song liltingly
An echo of empty happiness lost
When with sudden fortitude
She crescendos into a chorus of positive certitude
Her truth billowing about her
Her strength and beauty carrying her yet higher
Her wisdom and alacrity bursting forth in a prideful rainbow arc of pleasure
For she knows her possibilities
And wonders no more at life's chosen wanderings
She basks in the knowledge of her soul
And is guided by her heart
She flies
With happy abandon toward
Her future
Her present
Her past forgiven, forgiving
And, with open heart
And accepting
Caring and soft
And she knows.

Copyright 1999 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.