Soft tendrils reach out in an embrace of loving wonder
The majesty of her temple echoes the quiet solitude of life long forgotten
While her grandeur humbles all who stand before her
A soft wind caresses the night
Kissing her arms tenderly
With a love both warm and nurturing

Her arms outstretched she welcomes the universe Her long memory filled with dreams fulfilled and not
Tears fall every so often for those beings uncomprehending
While she offers her protection to those seeking solace.
Winter dreams arise unwarrantedYet they are a welcome respite of somnambulant renewal
Fallen tears frozen in the throes of time's ceaseless mowing
And her growth continues even as her wisdom widens
And her earth connection deepens.

She remembers her childhood, her sprightly youth
Before she reigned supreme
Long ago when her kind ruled the earth
And with a sigh borne on the wind sprites
She shivers just a bit
Settles in for the night
And , under the highlights of the luminous orb she knows so well,
She dreams
Of eons yet to come
And ages past
She knows deep within herThat she will go on, ever loving, ever wise

Copyright 1999 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.