The Ride

The Goddess rides
borne by her magnificent steed
They are as one
Her auburn hair flying freely in the wind
The Goddess rides
Her heart beating a rhythm
in time to galloping hooves
She races towards her beloved.

Her eyes, green agate afire in the sun,
yearn to see what once she couldn't.
She rides, gloriously free.

The woman soars,
fearing not the void
for she is awash in the emotion of her awakening.
She rides the wind
as a dandelion seed
Assured of her feminine beauty.

Softly she kisses the lips of life
Partaking of the renaissance of sensuality.
She rides.

In her freedom
A smile crosses her beautiful countenance
And her laughter showers the earth
with the sound of a soul in love.

The Goddess rides,
The embodiment of the woman
Secure in the cocoon of love's embrace.

The woman rides,
The embodiment of the Goddess
Her sensual body moving as one
With the rhythmic beating of the heart of her beloved.

And she rides
By the magic

Copyright 2000 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.