The Romance of the Dream

She stepped lightly into my life again
filling the void with the essence of her being
Her radiance aglow with the phosphorescent beauty of the shimmering sea

Romance, the definer of love, lingers once again in the nether reaches of my soul
fed by the Princess
nightwish dreams arise before the drowsy depths of devotion engulf me
in the ecstasy of her presence

She, the emissary of love's soul, beckons me as the perfumed fragrance of the rose summons the bee
The Princess hearkens to my heart with her song of life
Love eternal steps forward with a promised romance

Dreams and nightdesires flourish fertilized by her femininity
Sleep belies wakefullness ever vigilant in the wistful world of my romance
for romance and love are offering I bring
to lay at the feet of the Princess

Dare I have the musings that a heart once shattered shall interblend
with the romance of the dream
bringing with it a passionate devotion to the Princess.
The alternative is unthinkable, for to be without her is to be devoid of life.

Copyright 2005 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.