Exquisite Ecstasy

Ecstasy arises within my soul
Driven by my heartbeat
Pounding its rhythm with perfect percussion
I love her I love her I love her
The drumbeat of love echoing through the realm of fantastic reality

The reverberation of love's ecstasy shatters preconceived notions of love's definition
For she is the causation of passion
Her sensuality matched by deep spirituality gives rise to my ecstasy
My everyday filled with notions
what will be what was what is

She smiles and a shiver passes through me
for never has a smile compressed time yet stretched it interminably
That smile, her smile, flirts with my fantasy
of love's near misses and determined desires
at last meeting neo-notions of the nebulous meaning of love.

She fills my every breath with the elixir of love
Inhaled as exquisite ecstasy, the perfume of her flowing hair
with a toss of her head hints of wildflowers and daisy petals
and the purity of love's spirit.

She is the portrait of my exquisite ecstasy
painted with the brushstrokesof the giver of love
tinted by the sun with highlights of moonbeams
Etched upon my soul forever more
You are
my exquisite ecstasy.

Copyright 2004 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.