The Liquidity of Love

Love's fluid form, once an ice floe
flows through my heated loins
a renewal of sensuality long dead rhythms
acting passion plays in my heart
as I long for her touch

The crevasse that wove its way across my cleaved heart
filling my arteries with icy loss
liquified now into love's healing stream
Tunneling through the bedrock of the hardened lava that was my life.

Grateful I am for the flow of fate
That returned her to me
Yet never taken was she for her spirit coursed through me
wending her secret way to my core
Binding me to her in ways unfathomable to the currents
of consciousness
Confounding the critics, love's detractors
looking wide-eyed upon the reef of romance
As the couple join as one in the fluid dance
of the liquidity of love.

Copyright 2004 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.