How Do I

How I do love you, sweetheart.
As the minutes pass and the hours grow long
You are with me in tranquil tenderness

As the tides wash the shore eternally
My love for you washes my spirit
My heart longing for you,
reaching for you
As the surf kisses the shore and recedes
As my desire for you rushes upon my senses
Time and again
Not to recede but to build to a crescendo
of crystalline clarity
and build and build upon itself yet again
Only to tumble down in a sensual tussle
of silken white sheets of cascading passion

As a becalmed moonlit sea lies in wait for the gentle breeze
Patiently I wait for you
With a love all knowing
a passion becalmed but for the moment
and a devotion burning as a moonbeam
cresting a wavelet.

Copyright 2004 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.