A Love Poem

Her eyes met fine from afar
Twin portals of passionate spirit
ablaze with the power of love
muted by the hurts of pseudo-love

I gaze into those eyes each day
and my life has been turned upside down
For those eyes have engulfed my soul
and drawn me in to the doorways of my destiny

I saw her spirit, you see, through those eyes
A little girly girl wanting only love
nothing more than just love

I fell as into a rabbit hole, through those doorways of destiny
My broken heart melded whole as she touched my spirit
And I, I just simply loved her
with an open sharing love
that reaches through time and spans the distances
A simple love proven and real

Her eyes met mine and we danced
Awhirl under the protection of love's arbor
our spirits took flight
And we danced
the soft passion of love

My eyes met hers
and we knew

Copyright 2004 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.