The Ocean of My Life

You are the ocean of my life
Your voice tugs at my heart as the tides tug at the shore
Waves of passion overcome my soul taking me to the heights of vivid imagery
Lost without you, I tumble oer the wavecrest
into a churning whitewash of want and desire

The sea is awash with overpowering love
my spirit longing for your touch
as into the foaming froth I plunge
hoping to quench the yearning fire

Despair is dashed upon the rock-laden shore
For love emerges from the sea of my life
and rises as a wondrous beauty
borne upon a shell of what was once and is again and always was
She rises from the depths of passion
Alive in spirit and beauty
To ride the cresting wave of love
in triumphant glory

She is the ocean of my life
And in her is life defined love
I swim forever in her tidepool of virtue and grace
and in her beauty and spirit
I find my peace.

Copyright 2004 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.