Unbidden she arrived, an enigma
Gathering the leaden clouds of my being with her melody
Forbidden chords of the universe touching wounds long-thought healed
Scar tissue scraped raw by the ephemeral embodiment of longing.

Before me she awaits
the joining
Her longing matching compassionate co-compassion
Passion and desire
While her body is ravished
Not by the love freely given nor by respect well-deserved
But rather by hurts issued upon her soul in a constant rain of attack.

Drained of her physicality
Her being clings to the knowledge that she is loved
Her mind, which for so long traveled the tortuous path of indignity, grasps now the intellect of righteousness
For she is soul-secure
Aware of her healing
And the blessing that is love.

Her belief in the bliss gathered to her bosom strengthening her in a manner foreign til now
Lifeforce building to an eruption of love and understanding , healing and elusive tranquility.

Unbidden she arrived
Yet the path is clear
An enigma

Copyright 2009 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.