The Melody of Embodiment

She came to me in a melody
Words floating disembodied, not yet ready to coalesce
Unformed and unbidden but driven
She came to me with her song

Her lyrics, sweet with seraphic innocence
Hammer my being with her anapest destiny made my own

My everydays are traversed now
My being epenthesized by her vivacity
As her fluid melody flows within me
I gaze upon her wonder
And wonder at those disembodied words
Shaping themselves into the she that will be

The her yet to come
An emdodiment of the magic of her lullaby
soars before me
she awaits her formation
the embodiment of goodness
words aswirl gathering
the storm of
providing the everlasting cohesion
the honeyed fruits giving substance to the woman that is

Her melody plys my mind
prying my heart from moribund memories
A reawakening redolent with the scent of strawberries
as souls meet renewed upon the once barren plains now a panoply of passion
Red berried rosettes offered up as morsels of the mist delicately frangible
the souls tread carefully awareness dawning

She came as a melody disembodied
unformed yet I knew
the transformation
I knew.

Copyright 2009 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.