Empathetic Tear

Tis for thee I weep, my love
Open hearted, I know not what pain you've suffered
secreted from the world

Waves of sadness crash upon my soul
as I drown in your sorrow

What cruelties of life have stolen your laughter
leaving in it's stead a solemn disbelief.

Your sadness overcomes me
sweet soul divine
Tears, once of airy joy, have tranformed
Tears, as anchors, weigh on my heart
as mournful sobs echo plaintively
empathy emitting existences
closeted for lifetimes
life's horrid chicanery seducing her innocence

Salt-tinged drops flow freely
etching their track upon my countenance
a ravine of sadness coinciding with your wounds
Wending their way heartward
to lubricate the sorrow

O sweet soul of sorrow
replenish joy with the fount of my tears
Allow them to fertilize the foundation of your happiness
and sterilize the sorrow

Be, sweet child, be
be the joy of this universe
and my center
Soar on updrafts of glee
as my tears act as unguent
soothing the sorrows

Salient serenades of solace
smash sorrow's sobs
as the golden path unveils before you awaiting your step
and the canticle of your soul echoes
joyously in jubilant victory.

Copyright 2009 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.