You walked into my life

A vision unbidden

And my world spun ‘round

One moment just a name flying cross the miles

Yes, I fell under your spell

Instantaneously lovestruck, I spun with my world

Striving for balance I could not remain grounded.

You walked into my life

And my world dissolved

I greet my mornings with a dreamstate

Living the dream of you

Is there reality I ask? I know not anymore

For my spinning world consists of only you

My waking mantra questions what you have done to me

Oh woman of my heart

What powers you possess

As I trek through the days shackled to you joyously

Listening to the score of love’s interlude

To love from afar what remains out of reach

My days bemoan life even as love bullies its way

Past reason

You walked into my life

And filled me

With awe

For a woman





Copyright © 2011 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.