Tears of Heartbreak

In the blink of an eye life changes
Flying high in love's embrace you fly too high
In an instant plans of happiness crash and burn
Love's embrace? perhaps not all it is supposed to be
Love? A dead and buried emotion
Dreams shattered on the shoals of my existence.

Stolen moments with her, stolen back by the demise of fate's unfortunate game
Tears of heartbreak build
Acid tears to dissolve happiness in a morass of meaningless disappointment
Love, life's destroyer is a torment of the heart
Put there to taunt one's soul into thinking happiness is attainable.
Is it? I think not, as I sit and write through tears of heartbreak.

Love given freely to be played as a melody
To end up as a shrill note of disdain.

Pieces scattered as the melody shattered
Tears of heartbreak haunting lifetimes of seeking true love
The bane of my existence my heart
Closing perhaps forevermore
to dreams and possibilities.

I sit and write through tears of heartbreak
and listen to the whispers of love's taunting refrain.