And I Listened

Heaven sang to me last night
A melody of love in lilting tones of four part harmony
Earth Angel earth angel brought to me that one summer night
My love, carried to me on wisps of windswept wonder
echoing softly the words of love

Look, she stands there, gaze upon her beauty
her love-colored eyes, soft with the understanding of the universe
Her knowledge of us
Her smile joyous illuminates the dark as her wisdom guides my every thought
She is named as the one true love.

Say that name with reverence
For she is my beloved
My forever beloved come to me from I know not where
Sensual in her every movement.

What love must this be that I hold for thee
A love intense as to render emotions flat
And allow love to soar to heights
unheard of before.

The futility of life without you has made itself apparent
For you have made your presence known
And in that moment I was transformed

Love blossomed from a place unknown
A place where magic lives and romance reigns
And you took root in my soul
Timeless and endless we shall be
entwined as a knot
taut yet giving
enmeshed in our love of tender passion.

She stands before me
with heaven's melody playing upon her very being
For she is the song of love
Her life's story written from the mortar of love's concrete strength
And sung by angels
As love bells peal their infinite joy

She is my beloved.
You sang to me last night and I listened
And love's tide caressed me
With your beauty
forever more.

Copyright 2014 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.