You have impacted my life with your sensuality My joy has been fed by your laughter While my sensibilities took a side-road to oblivion Your beauty has shone through the heavens Piercing my nights with love laden cries of delight You came to me and changed my existence Your caress became a need, a smile, a desire The music of your voice cried to my soul Sing me a love song and carry it throughout the pathways of my life Your perfect body, a vision of impossible possibilities As the fortress of my inhibitions was conquered With but a single caress With but a look from your eyes You melted my essence to a pliable permanence Traveling the well-worn path of love To reach the heights of the unattainable But forgive this humble scrivener For scratching down words of love Reality is but fantasy made to happen And love more than words As it takes us careening Down the tortuous path To love's reward You.