Poetry of Life

There she was Before my eyes you shimmered in the moonlight A diaphanous being of beauty and love Sent to me as a gift to be cherished For your sweet soul and wondrous spirit The fire in your eyes igniting my soul With a yearning desire to be with you The perfection of your body an ode to your femininity There you are Right here before me Yes, I see you as you unfold before me Petal by petal The flower of love, the poetry of life You came to me Brought by the soft breeze of a sultry tropical eve All of your beauty glowing Lighting the pathway of love And leading me along it's myriad meanderings Straight to your heart. Here we are yes, you and I Together as one Brought together for eternity Lovers and friends In the forever universe of love's land of magic As moonlight shimmers And you in your glorious beauty Take my heart to heights In passion's playground of delight.