Spirit Dancer

Despair dashed upon the rock-laden shore While love emerges from the sea of my life She rises as a wondrous beauty borne upon a shell of what was once and is again and always was From the depths of passion she has come This spiritdancer Her beauty shining in love's glory She shimmers with each ripple of starlight The rhythm of the heavens resonating within her being. The tides of passion push inward ever present sensuality suggesting scripts stories to be enacted with love as a backdrop Always love Purposeful words scattered across the stage of life Each thought a packet of passion with but one recipient For you, my beloved, are the epitome of passion's perfection The one girl of love's glory Defining each facet of love's jewel. Love emerged from the sea of my life as you My wondrous beauty of light and love Arisen from the mystery of time To entwine as our souls touched And become forever Guided by love.