Watching the Stars

I stopped to watch the stars last night.

I had to

They were up there, unreachable and I longed to touch them.

I had just left you, you see

And was feeling full of your wonder

The stars filled the sky, and reminded me

Of the sparkle in your eyes

Of the cascading sheen of your hair

And I longed to feel your touch.

The stars sang to me, last night

Of love and longing, of beauty and grace

They sang of you and touched my heart

The stars shone down on me last night

Cloaking me in their embrace

My open heart reached out

And found a heavenly goddess

Atop her mountain home

I sat and watched the stars last night

And saw your face aglow

Love engulfed me gently

As I snuggled neath that starry coverlet

I floated up into your arms

And felt your warmth and marvel

A smile touched upon your lips

And I dissolved.

Conquered by love's honeyed breath

I had to stop and watch the stars

And dream of you once more

For I was yet again reminded

How truly beautiful you are.

Copyright 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.