The Lovelost and Found

My heart's tears fell once
for a love thought lost
a longing for an everlasting love
missing in a Missouri winter

Icy cold warmed by her love
I flew Westward
believing still in romance
In a path laid out before me
I embraced her spirit
and honored her soul
and loved her deeply
as a woman should be loved

She walks beside me, always
her radiance guiding me through
the pathways of life's pitfalls

The love we share never wavered
throughout a longing loneliness
she was always there,
her smile encouraging joy
her eyes,
tinged with the knowing sadness
of lovelost

Together we traveled the road
to the lovelost and found
Together we knew by love we were bound

The Lovelost and Found is a storehouse
for those souls awaiting the right time and place
A safehouse for love, not really lost
Just awaiting rebirth

For love is never truly lost
between souls such as you and I
Our essence is as one
enveloped in the aura
of joy and wonder.

Copyright 2004 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.