Street Kid / Sweet Kid

Lissom lady - timidly tough
Surviving in a world of pseudo-sophistication
Hey - Don't put no one on
Talkin' natural - no phony airs
She's a street kid - sweet kid
Doin' her thing.

Sidewalk - raised -
No rich bitch she
Working at being a beautiful lady.

Big-eyed innocence - taking it all in
Makin' it work in a world of

Bangs in her eyes, lashes a fluttering
She'll get what she wants out of life
Long as she don't succumb to that tempting

She knows how to dress, she knows how to act
But bein' herself is no easy task
In a world of pseudo-sophistication.
Driven by pressure to be what she isn't
She's the only one with true sophistication.

When the facade begins to fail in those others
She'll glow with her own healthy essence
Knowing she's a street kid / sweet kid
Makin' it in an unreal world
With her hips swaying,
And her lips saying,
"Shove it - I'm me".

Copyright 1997 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.