Shield of Pity

Lifedreams shattered on a gray day
Imminent disaster for one lonely soul
Open up your ears, world
Listen to the morning missives
of that one soul
Yearning for a dream made unreachable
by fate's infallible fortunes.
A dream called by some, happiness
A myriad of rainbows,
twinkling and glowing for some,
cracked, jagged and ragged
as the soul image of a hedonist
discovering himself.

Take pity on that soul, world,
that sought happiness once
and brought pain to others
and suffering unto itself.
Take heed as you gaze upon a shell
devoid of all save its own
involuted thoughts.
A battered soul clinging to life's last moss laden hope,
Attempting to survive without happiness.

And as that soul slowly slips into life's
vast aridity
Ponder, for a moment, upon the reality
of your life.
Seek not happiness alone
Dream not of unreality
Rather inhale the joys of life meaningful
to you.

Grasp the wings of a butterfly and soar with it
Above the desert of life
Stopping only at the founts of tears
to replenish your soul.
Live in dreams of things possible,
Find your rainbow, not in happiness, but
in the joy of living, loving, and giving,
For happiness is never obtainable.
It must be born, nourished, and cherished.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.