Sea Dreams

The dreams of the sea child lay shattered
in a land locked litany
of lost love
Her delight at ocean vistas gone
in an endless wave
of confused reality

She cries for the wavelets
softly lapping the golden shore
Wavelets kissing the coast
unseen unheard
by the landlocked child of the sea

She feels her heart fire flickering
A once strong flame
longing for the sun
setting in an azure sea

And she, child of ocean ecstasy, wistfully
watches the waning tides of time
retreating in a recession of remembered
ocean memories

Her truth is yet alive on
whitecapped wavecrests of surf-laden serenity
As she struggles within
to revive her dreams

Love lives in the melody of the sea
afloat on wavelets that softly kiss sandy shores
Never to be lost in landlocked banality
And what of loves dreams?
They endlessly ride the surf of lovers souls
in eternal ecstasy
In the hope that the sea child
will return to her dream.

Copyright © 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.