Crossing Over

I've made the trip time and again
and yet again
to the wondrous land between
where life's passions ease into serenity
A tranquil jumble of lifeforce
Its froth drained of toxic reality
by the woodsprites
Sipping ever gently
from the cup of human passion
replenishing instead the mystic ether
with fairy kisses and Utopian fulfillment.

The traversal has been made before,
but crossing over, never.
I rejoice in you who has illuminated my
long dead cavities of careless meanderings,
with gentleness I caress the digression of your
passionate soul
ever so lightly guiding my essence from
its misguided path.
Mountain spires reaching into azure thoughts
of perfect calm
A soul strayed set right again
and more
Clarity reflects a mirrored image unto the Huntress
The moon-child Selene sees with her heart
that which was clouded to the world.

Drifting aloft on the wake of a soul
wading through the ashes of leaden-gray life
Reawakened to the resonant harmony of basic lifesmesh
Transmutational chromatic tatoos
tone gray variations of existence
from the ebon depths to multi-irised spires.

The muse reawakens, kissed by She who lights the rainbow
and steadies the arc-ends with her serenity.

The crossing was peaceful eventful
uniquely extraordinary
guided by the Huntress
on her heavenly journey of love.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.