A seed, life in its infancy,
with all of its inherent
gathers strength from the ether
about it.

Love, caring, caressing love, envelops
the one,
nurturing her, cherishing her
watching with admiration as she slowly
Each child is as an innocent
unto herself
absorbing, from the loved ones
about her,
the beads of nurturing,
the meaning of maturity,
the foundation of womanhood.

And, as a seedling awash in the
dews of a summer morn sparkles
with the freshness of life,
so too do you sparkle;
glowing with the radiance
of new found emotions.


So, little one, watch yourself grow
See there -
an image of yourself
in the mirrors of
mothers' mind
An image of joy, of beauty
and mystery
A blending of the bounties of life
coming together to form
a fairy-tale
the blossoming of a girl
into a woman.
And so the child emerges from her world,
her eyes seeing as never before
the aura of tender love
caressing her soul
For she realizes now
how very special it is
to become
a woman.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.