Charismatic Parasite

There she stands, the center of attention, a tower of babble
Alone in a crowd of people, commanding demanding


And oh how they crowd around, paying homage, taken in by charismatic ramblings
Nothingness coming from her mouth, yet soothsaying to the swarm
Sweet honey drippings oozing like a mire, a stench emanating from
that foul mouth,



That center of attention feeds upon itself as a ravenous roach
Demanding yet more, yet her wrath be felt if that nucleus should shift to another.

As an ignored child snivels in its corner so does maturity dissolve in wretchedness,
With unabated rage unleashed upon the world.

The charismatic parasite feeds upon the adoration of others
and grows in her strength
While those who adored shrivel and die in a morass of terror.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.