As a ring encircles the finger,
so my completion encircles me
An intertwining of life's beginnings and endings
meeting in a journey of souls,
as an enchanting enhancement of life's offerings.

That circlet of sanctification purifies the spirit
offering its serene blanket of self-attainment
to those who probe its endlessness.

Love envelopes the soul, caressing ever gently
the wafting ether with her kisses,
The vermillion tinged emerald meadows
bare their essence to her glory
Offering up their expanse as a sun-drenched blanket
to love's proclivities.

Completedness flowing from one to the other and back again
as a ring of fire,
soft passion burning away layers
of past impairments to completion,
old hurts cauterized in the fervor of frenzied healing
renewal, sweet renewal singing above the meadows
as lovers soar in their circle of completion.

And the ring spins,
twirling round about in its perpetual journey
as love spins her web of joy

joining hearts
in completion.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.