Dealin' with Feelings

Just layin' here
Dealin' with feelings
Emotions soaring upon dreams updrafts
Panoramic psychic sightseeing
of life's gentleness
Yes, for you, yes, I give
of my incessant essence freely, unashamedly
My love, for you are truly loved.
My beloved lady
woman of complexity
Come, take my hand
Let us seek together that which
has eluded us seperately.

Just layin' here
Dealin' with sweet sweet reality

Daydreams nightdreams the truth of you
loving you in love
with you
The reality of us
that togetherness thing
Drinking of life's sweet nectar
Joy tearsan trickling, as a light Spring shower
adding to that nectar
their own special dulcet elation
Mixing molecules of joy love happiness us
to a polymer of potent passion
Energized spirituality swathed in the suppleness
of synergystic somnambulism
Strolling the lifepaths in concurrent commonality.

Just layin' here
Dealin' with feelings
of the complexity and the simplicity
of loving

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.