Your aura slices thru the fog of my life's tedium
Illuminating my world, my reality, as never before
Your essence shines as a beacon guiding me through the straits of misfortune

Others may founder 'neath waves of wanton wistfulness,
much as I once did in the world before.
I, blessed by your caring, your beauty
caressed by evanescent crescendoes of the heretofore
believed lies of love's many masks,
I go forward, buoyed by fingers of flame-licked passion.

I rejoice in your wondrous innocence,
The mist kisses me gently
with moistened lips of shimmering liquid dreams
as sunrise awakens the soul that was once and is again.
My love, in truth unmasked, bared for the world
glows golden and warm in my wanderings
But yet is but a cold flame overwhelmed by your goodness.

And the sunrise is you, awakening
The lamp aura lit and shining as a homecoming beacon
Calling me to your bosom,
your heart opening itself to my joy,
As I draw near to you
the glow within me strengthens
As we nurture each other
with the honeyed flower of resilient reunification.

We meet again, my love, and again and again
for we know the past as we do the future
and the curtain will unfold
before us.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.