Prelude of Time

Time cycles us upon its endless track
searching for completion and fulfillment
We travel upon time's carousel innocently
whirling 'round as we glimpse vistas of possibilities
And those few who dare, reach out
to grasp a memory to keep forever.

That precious prelude to life's completion is love
For to love is to share
one's essence of being
with others
Love can whirl 'round us as we
oblivious to the obvious
continue our search
Reaching out to the ether for memory traces.

I have whirled 'round on the carousel
for countless spins
Grasping ghosts and illusion
My ring not complete.

The calliope of love piped out its tune
As my carousel slowed
And a vista of wondrous beauty
unclouded my foggy being
As I gazed 'pon your essence reflection
Radiating reason unto my obscurity.

Acute vision, honed by rainbowed ridges of inner peace
shows the way as I step from the carousel
Into the timeslip of life's futures.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.