The LoveSpace

There is a place on earth for us,
or is it really on earth?
A warm and cozy home
where nurturing and nourishment are an everyday affair.

An amorphous ambiguent space
constantly shifting in locale
adjusting to our presence, a place where love is born
and dreams come true.

There is a space for us,
among the willow groves beyond the frog filled creek,
a space of we of love and joyful understanding
Where sunlight filters through love's silken threaded bower
and lights the dreams of the travelers.

The love space of the intertwined,
braided as a Mobius strip neverending trip,
pillows the Eros-touched dreamers in clouds of passion
as they travel in their ever-changing universe.

The beauty of She endears the space to the Universe
making it as one with time,
the love space endless timeless as her reality
And She creates beauty, instilling it upon her surroundings
As She inhabits the space.

So the two do love and in their love is born
the fragments of future,
the seeds of other lovespaces places
unalive as yet but awaiting
the dreams and hopes of the Others
Those whose longings and passion
inspire them to never abandon their quest
For them the love space does exist and grow
awaiting their entrance
as they exit from an imperfect world of loneliness.

Our love space is a place
where dreams and hopes have come to life
And where we can grow and become
a love entity unto each other
Safe from the whining winds of wistful anguish
blowing from the icy soul of solitude.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.