Lake breezes kiss the wavelets
Azure blue dreams come true
Shoresounds seeping into consciousness
Aqua tranquility drifts like so much flotsam
permeating the poisoned soul;
immersed in a sphere of sacrificial metamorphosis
the soul rises
floating upwards to the light,
lightening as it loses caked-on layers
of long-time whip-lashed wounds of life

Rejuvenation as the soul rejoices in waterbirth
A vessel with but a vestige of unenlightened emotional anchors
Weighed against a world of reawakened awareness. <

Beware you bondaged souls
bandaged but for the moment
For the sterility of your world will shatter you
Fragmenting your universe into crystalline shards
Each a newborn entity
giving rise to renascent reunification
And you
We meet again for not the first time
But yes the first time
Renewing love lost regained
Rejoined as one
Rejoicing in the music of our immersion in us
For eons future
Ages past
Present perfect.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.