The totality of your femininity radiates from within you,
it's awesome aura of sexuality
insidiously making it's presence known
throughout my body...........

Crimson liters of liquid lust pulsating to an eternal rhythm
giving life to once-dead desires;
frenetic fantasy dreams demanding fulfillment
in their ascendance from fiction
Reality's impregnable fortress of frustration
crumbling under uncontrolled thoughts of
silken lips
beckoning pouting
A tonguetip hot
pink and moist peeks out
longing to taste that saltsweet symbol
of ultimate femininity
A throbbing heart, lifted by your aura,
driven by it's incompletedness to
heights of splendored adoration,
racing madly
towards that ultimate climax of symphonic harmony...........

The totality of your femininity spreads itself outward
as an eternally flowing flood of pure passion
lest loose upon this loveless desert
to fertilize barren fantasy.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.