As the fawn treads lightly in
the moss-laden forest
A serene stillness envelopes
the earth

Even as my love lies still,
Unawakened by dawn’s
sweet caress,
her warmth embraces the earth.

Emotions, unbound by earthly cares,
begin to soar on soft
spring breezes
as morning unfolds her
fragrant bouquet.

I watch, entranced, as my love stirs
ever so slowly in her bower,
Emerald eyes yet clouded with
tender dreams of compassion

I wonder at her beauty
surpassing that of spring morn’s,
and her gentleness,
caressing all that is good.

Showering in the morning dew
She stands
radiant and fresh
her face uplifted, aglow with
love’s vibrant aura,
facing a new day,
as I humbly stand beside her,
basking in her special radiance.

And she, secure in the knowledge of
my love,
embraces the world with her goodness
for she is the embodiment
of love
And she is you.

Copyright © 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.