Separation Anxiety

Scatterings Part I

You arouse the creative spirit within me
Guide my soul
Enrich my life
Ease my mind, electric one
Shock my soul
With your beauty
Your sexuality
Leaves me breathless
To satisfy you completely is a goal set
To create love
A religious experience
To live
for you
for me
for us
as one
for time
never ending
Comfort, freedom, relaxation
for us

Scatterings Part II

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Fairyland fantasy
Half of life is loving
Three-fourths of life is being loved
by you
When we're apart
I can savor the flavor of
your lips
Sweet, pouting, parting, soft
Your tongue, vital, sensual, tasting,
Separation of body in time only
But never from the senses
My mind reliving every moment spent
with you
Your face, your body, your soul
on my every nerve fiber
Indelible, uneradicable
My mind tastes you every moment
Caresses you constantly
Every part of me loving you
always all ways.

My very being trembling
Shouting to the world
Thread my soul with your being
Sew my body with your essence
Creation of love anew each day
Love immortal

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.