My heart sings out for you in a soul-wrenching
Needing you to fill its canyons of sorrow and
longing as
Time's eternal springtide, awash on the shoals
of my soul,
endlessly erodes my consciousness
While I fall ever deeper into the chasm of love.

And, thus falling, I drink from the cup of
enthralled by life's offerings,
revelling in the delights of your love.

The sun, washing away life's misery with its
purifying beams of joy,
radiates a sense of growth and maturity;
Ripening a renascent, still dew-wet embryo,
evaporating the salt-laden seaspray
leaving a floating sweet aura of love and
enveloping a being, a spirit of beauty
and of goodness,
in all of your purity
in all of your radiance
to live on forever in my heart.

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.