Wake up to life
and know what it is
Welcome Death
as release
Freedom from the struggle that we call life

Death, in her serenity, in her beauty
does not beckon
She comes when called
an obediant puppy
arriving with unconditional love
for she comes for all, undemanding
caressing the soul
with her tranquil tenderness.

Life, the demanding mistress,
calling for goals, for success
commanding attention
as she devours souls
her appetite ever unsated.

Yes, succeed at life's game
only to be caressed by death.
Look upon the many wanderers
trodding life's byways
The meanderers
and those who are driven
striving for success and achievement
What diference at endgame?
Death welcomes both equally to her bosom
And both achieve the goal
endless serenity

Copyright 1996 by Steve Soskin All rights reserved.